Staffing Solutions


MedicalWorx Staffing SolutionsMedicalWorx wants to have a measurable impact on your culture and increase our value to your company. We can provide talented, qualified employees for clinical and clerical medical positions. MedicalWorx staffing will criminal background check, reference check and credit check all employees prior to their work assignment. Drug testing is also a service we offer if requested by client. MedicalWorx carries Workers Compensation Insurance, General Liability Insurance and Professional Liability insurance.

Temporary Staffing

If you need someone to fill a position temporarily while your employee is on maternity leave, sick leave or a vacation we are here to help.  MedicalWorx Recruiters will discuss the hourly pay rate with you and submit resumes to the hiring manager for selection.  The temporary employee will be on our payroll during the temp assignment and the client will be billed at an hourly rate.

Temp-to-Hire – (Temp-to-Perm Placement)

For companies who want to spread the cost of direct hire fees over an extended period of time, we offer a Direct Hire By-the-Hour solution.  Candidates are screened in the same manner in order to find the best fit for your company.

  • After employees hours are met, the employee rolls over to your payroll without any further costs to your company. The hourly rate charged for the services includes all payroll, payroll taxes, insurance and workers comp.

Direct Hire – (Permanent Placement)

When you want to interview, select and make an offer to a candidate for a particular position in your company, our Direct Hire staffing solution will identify candidates specifically suited to your company’s needs.  You benefit from our Managers’ extensive recruiting skills and talk only with candidates who are qualified for the position.

  • The MedicalWorx direct hire placement ratio is 80% – more than twice the national average.


If you have an employee that you would like to hire but do not want to put them on your payroll then MedicalWorx can put them on our Payroll.  MedicalWorx Recruiters will submit the necessary paperwork to be filled out by the candidate and the criminal background check will still have to be submitted and passed.